Dédale's topics of work aims at providing a new way of approaching and analysing subjects related to culture, new technologies and social innovation: innovative city, creative urban-planning, nature & sustainable development, artistic creation and digital heritage.

The work on these topics takes the form of researches, experimentations, production and dissemination of artistic and innovative projects.

Dédale develops a multi-activity around the areas of culture, technology and social innovation in Europe. Those major areas of action are addressed through specific projects: SmartCity - European Laboratory for urban innovation dedicated to the creative and sustainable city ; Citytelling, a territory valorization project to read, understand and re-write the city ; Future Heritage, a research and action program for the digitization and valorization of culturel heritage ; Domaine public, a research and experimentation program on public space and Playgreen, a research and action program to rething the place of nature in our cities.



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