Dedale is a European research and production agency dedicated to culture, technologies and innovation.  

Its field of activity covers artistic production, local development, events management, research, consulting for public authorities and European institutions.

The team has developped an expertise in a wide range of topics including Cultural policies, ICT and cultural heritage, European digital libraries, Innovative and creative learning, Tourism 2.0, New uses, Mobile technologies and Smart cities.

Dedale is particularly interested in innovation and new uses in sectors such as urban planning, new media, artistic creation, cultural heritage, environment and education.

Dedale topics
SMARTCITY | European Laboratory for urban innovation
Playgreen Festival

SmartCity, an European programme dedicated to creative, collaborative and sustainable cities, initiates an innovative process to assist urban projects and territorial development.

As a laboratory for urban innovation, SmartCity invites people from creative and digital economy, users, academics, local authorities, architects and urban planners to create unreleased ways of apprehending and transforming the city. It aims at developing process of open innovation in real urban environment.

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Affiche Playgreen

On the 25 & 28th of June, Playgreen Festival will transform the "Berges de Seine" in Paris into an ecosystem where the topics of sustainable development and nature in the city will be addressed in an interactive and playful way.

Workshops, animations and performances will help create a better understanding of sustainable food production and consumption, nature in the city, urban biodiversity and recycling, while enhancing inventivity!

European cultural cooperation project ECLECTIS
Publication of a deliverable on innovative services for DCH | ATHENA Plus

The European cultural cooperation project ECLECTIS has been launched in may 2013 by 7 partners from 6 European cities. Questioning the role of cultural and creative actors in strengthening citizens' empowerment in urban making, the partners has implemented 6 laboratories in the various territories of action, through artistic residences and worskhops, based on local, participative and crossways approach.

Open artistic participatory events and debates are organised to mobilise citizens, local stakeholders and authorities on urban issus, raising awareness and action capacity, enabling innovative forms for consultation and favouring a co-diagnosis and co-design for European urban development.

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logo Athena Plus

The deliverable "Analysis, scenarios use cases, opportunities of innovative services for DCH, and future development" produced by Michael Culture Association and Dedale has been published in january 2014.

In the frame of the AthenaPlus project, it aims at exploring concrete opportunities of Digital storytelling for the valorisation of digital cultural heritage content. Digital storytelling offers great opportunities for Digital Cultural Heritage, enabling the valorisation of cultural heritage and the development of new approaches and mediation tools for the audience, favouring thus new forms of relationship with the audience, more interactive and participatory, before, during and after the visit. 

This deliverable tackles the issues of how to exploit ICT narrative potential for cultural heritage mediation projects, how to make Digital storytelling tools efficient for a DCH valorisation and mediation project, how to create connected, multimedia and interactive narratives? It also highlights the Digital storytelling potential for the transmission of knowledge, experience and information sharing.

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