Ecocité Alzette-Belval - Set up of a Smart City Living Lab


Ecocité Alzette-Belval - Set up of a Smart City Living Lab

Event conception and co-organization in order to give life to the notion of an "innovation territory" as a forerunner for the Ecocité Alzette Belval's Smart City Living Lab

Université de Lorraine - Dédale

EPA Alzette Belval

In order to accompany the emergence of innovative projects on the territory of Alzette-Belval (at the border between France and Luxembourg), the Public Development Establishment of Alzette-Belval called upon the Université de Lorraine and Dédale to help forecasting the creation of a Smart City Living Lab via the organization of events promoting the notion of an "Innovation Territory".


Dedale intervenes in the conception and co-organization of 2 events in the frame of the "Observatory for the city of tomorrow". These events are developed around 2 complementary concepts:

  • A project enabler event, allowing specialists to identify and select innovative projects at a concept or start-up stage, with a call for interest, idea pitches and face to face meetings
  • A Urban innovation Village, ephemeral laboratory of the Smart City, that invites the stakeholders of urban innovation to join and promote their projects and allow them to meet, exchange ideas, collaborate and find partners/ financers. 

These events aim at:

  • Favoring the emergence of innovative projects in this Innovation Territory
  • Mobilizing and animating the ecosystem of innovation stakeholders in the territory.

Date(s) : 2015-2019



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