Citizen agoras of the 2015 Paris participatory budget - Consultancy and set up


Citizen agoras of the 2015 Paris participatory budget - Consultancy and set up

Event conception, programming and mobilization of actors from the civil society

Budget participatif

Assistance to Paris City Council for the set up of a Citizen agora of the participatory budget prior to the opening of the vote of the citizen projects preselected at municipal level. 

Wishing to encourage the participation of Parisian citizens to the municipal life, the City of Paris has set up a process of participatory budget for the inhabitants to give their preferences on the use of a part of the municipal budget. After a first step of votes on projects conceived by the City, the Parisians have been asked to formulate their own projects, in Spring 2015, for spending funds made available from the city investment budget.

Based on a method of open governance, the projects had to undergo feasibility studies before being submitted to vote in september 2015. For a better understanding of the projects from every citizen, the City wished to organise an introduction event to present the process and projects, in relation with local stakes.

Dedale was therefore asked by the City for help with the conception and set up of the event and in particular the programming and mobilisation of actors from the civil society and experts able to reframe the discussions in a wider perspective.

Main topics: nature, public space, "living together", economy / social and solidarity economy / employment, sports, youth and digital

  • Assistance to the event development
  • Programming of professional and civil society stakeholders
  • Consultancy on the scenography and set up
  • Research on work topics
  • Animation and moderating of the round tables

Date(s) : 2015

Places :

Budget participatif


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