Artizen - Cultural cooperation European Project


Artizen - Cultural cooperation European Project

European Initiative for Art and Citizen

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Coordination of a European project of Cultural Cooperation aiming at reinforcing cultural and creative players’ abilities to adapt to the growing needs of co-building the city, with the aim to favour citizens’ engagement and empowerment.


  • To link and structure European professionals and territories to create new spaces for cooperation
  • To reinforce cultural and creative players’ role in the city making with citizens
  • To experiment alternative ways of city making

6 trans-national Laboratories will be implemented on urban areas in transition in Barcelona, Cluj, Kotor, Ljubljana, Paris and Torres Vedras, designed as on-site abilities accelerators: European artists in residence will co-design projects with citizens, supported by a trans-sectoral local team to favour skills transfer. Particular attention will be paid to inclusive citizens’ engagement, experimenting new technologies as a possible tool.

Observation will be led throughout the project on the actions impacts, to adjust the initiative framework to reinforce cultural and creative players’ skills and favour its experimentation on other areas. Common narratives will be produced aiming at cultural and creative and city players, political stakeholders and citizens. Communication and dissemination will be implemented at local, national European and international levels, ensuring a wide visibility to the project and to the European Commission.

ARTIZEN will lead to the creation of a professional pool of cultural and creative actors, able to develop new projects at European and international scales.

  • Coordination of the consortium and activity program
  • Budget management and relations with the European Commission
  • Design and implementation of the cultural program in France
  • Communication of the project

Date(s) : 2015-2016



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